Climate Studies Investigations Manual 3rd Edition + RealTime Climate Portal Access


Climate Studies Investigations Manual 3rd Edition + RealTime Climate Portal Access

2013 – 2014 & Summer 2014
American Meteorological Society Education Program
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This eInvestigations Manual is composed of self-contained investigations. These learning experiences draw from actual climate observations and events to assist students in achieving their stated objectives. The einvestigations continually build on previous learning experiences to help the learner form a comprehensive understanding of the Earth’s climate system – your environment.

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Title Information

American Meteorological Society

Up-to-date in climate science and coverage of recent events, the Investigations Manual introduces tools for exploring, analyzing, and interpreting the workings of Earth’s climate system. This digital[-only] manual contains 30 investigations that build on previous learning experiences to form a comprehensive understanding of Earth’s climate system, climate variability, and climate change.

To better appreciate Earth’s climate, the driving agents must firstly be understood, which the AMS Conceptual Energy Model aptly demonstrates in Investigation 1B (Follow the Energy!). This simple model allows the learner to explore how a planet a. loses energy in the absence of an atmosphere, and b. retains energy in the presence of single- and multi-layered atmospheres (such as those created by greenhouse gases).

A point is made to reference organizations related to climate and climate change research. NASA and NOAA/Climate Prediction Center data is utilized frequently, for instance in describing El Niño and La Niña events. Information from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report is used in investigations that involve interpretation of surface temperature trends and potential impacts. Other interactive topics covered are inter-annual climate variability phenomena, coastal impacts, paleoclimatic events, a case study on rising temperatures and rice cultivation, and many more. For teachers, students, and enthusiasts, Climate Studies Investigations Manual is an ideal way to become climate literate.

American Meteorological Society Education Program

AMS Education Program Earth science courses and the associated learning materials were developed by an experienced team of AMS scientists and science educators to bring high quality and scientifically robust educational resources to university and college classrooms nationwide.  Components of the courses are delivered online, allowing students to track real-time weather, ocean and climate events as they occur.  These resources were developed to support and sustain the AMS K-13 professional development programs for U.S. educators, and promote AMS disciplines to the general public.