Climate Studies Student Package 3rd Edition


Climate Studies Student Package 3rd Edition

2013 – 2014 & Summer 2014 (Includes Textbook, Investigations Manual download, and Portal Access)
Joseph M. Moran
List Price: $159.00

Climate Studies Student Package bundles Climate Studies: Introduction to Climate Science and Climate Studies Investigations Manual at a discounted price. Instructions your file download and portal access will be included with your textbook.

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Title Information

American Meteorlogical Society

Climate Studies Student Package bundles Climate Studies: Introduction to Climate Science, Climate Studies eInvestigations Manual and AMS RealTime Climate Portal access at a discounted price. Providing an Earth system perspective rooted in the principles of climate science, Climate Studies: Introduction to Climate Science is a full-color textbook, written by Joseph M. Moran, has 15 chapters that build a basis of knowledge before investigating future climate change. From monitoring global-scale atmospheric and oceanic circulation, to investigating El Niño and La Niña and paleoclimate, as well as understanding and predicting future climate, this introductory text assists the reader to become climate literate. New this year, with up-to-date science and climate events, Climate Studies Investigations Manual is designed to introduce tools for exploring, analyzing, and interpreting the workings of Earth’s climate system. With 15, two-part, self-contained activates designed for a 12 or 15 week-semester that build on previous learning experiences to form a comprehensive understanding of Earth’s climate. Designed to be used together, the textbook and Investigations Manual offer a thorough introduction to climate science.

Joseph M. Moran

Joseph M. Moran has authored over a dozen college-level textbooks in meteorology, Earth sciences, and environmental sciences, including textbooks developed as integral components of AMS Education Program course offerings. He is also Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences/Earth Science, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, awarded in recognition of his extensive contributions advancing scientific literacy in the atmospheric and related Earth sciences.