Ocean Studies Student Package


Ocean Studies Student Package

9th Edition
American Meteorological Society Education Program
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Bringing together Ocean Studies: Introduction to Atmospheric Oceanography 3rd Ed. and the Ocean Studies Investigations Manual in a complete educational set, the Ocean Studies Student Package is provided at a discounted price.

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Title Information

American Meteorlogical Society

Ocean Studies: Introduction to Atmospheric Oceanography Third Edition is a full-color, hardcover textbook, edited by Joseph M. Moran, and includes 15 chapters exploring the world ocean from an Earth system perspective. The ocean is explored with emphasis on how it fits within the Earth system and how it influences and is influenced by the Earth's climate system. From Arctic sea ice to beaches and barrier islands, from hydrothermal vents to the dynamic coasts, the properties of the ocean as salt water, the interaction of currents and waves, and the life within are examined in this introductory text. Updated annually to remain current with advances in oceanic sciences and ocean events (such as the Japanese tsunami and BP Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico), AMS Ocean Studies Investigations Manual is designed to introduce tools for exploring, analyzing, and interpreting the workings of Earth's ocean. The Manual's 30 self-contained investigations are designed for a 12 or 15 week-semester. They build on previous learning experiences to produce a comprehensive exploration of the world ocean. Designed to be used together, the Textbook and Investigations Manual offer a thorough introduction to oceanography.

American Meteorological Society Education Program

AMS Education Program Earth science courses and the associated learning materials were developed by an experienced team of AMS scientists and science educators to bring high quality and scientifically robust educational resources to university and college classrooms nationwide.  Components of the courses are delivered online, allowing students to track real-time weather, ocean and climate events as they occur.  These resources were developed to support and sustain the AMS K-13 professional development programs for U.S. educators, and promote AMS disciplines to the general public.