Lectures on Air Pollution and Environmental Impact Analyses

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Lectures on Air Pollution and Environmental Impact Analyses

Duane A. Haugen
Copyright: 1982
ISBN: 9780933876422
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Title information

Pages: 296
Language: English
Publisher: American Meteorlogical Society
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This publication of the AMS contains all the lectures that were presented at the AMS Workshop on Meteorology and Environmental Assessment held in Boston, MA on September 29-October 3, 1975. Topics include: The dispersion of materials in the atmospheric boundary layer, atmospheric dispersion models for environmental pollution applications, plume rise predictions, turbulent diffusion and pollutant transport in shoreline environments, urban diffusion problems, atmospheric transformations of pollutants, observational systems and techniques in air pollution meteorology, and federal government requirements for environmental impact assessment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Dispersion of Materials in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer: The Basis for Generalization

Chapter 2. Atmospheric Dispersion Models for Environmental Pollution Applications

Chapter 3. Plume Rise Predictions

Chapter 4. Turbulent Diffusion in Complex Terrain

Chapter 5. Turbulent Diffusion and Pollutant Transport in Shoreline Environments

Chapter 6. Urban Diffusion Problems

Chapter 7. Atmospheric Transformations of Pollutants  

Chapter 8. Observational Systems and Techniques in Air Pollution Meteorology

Chapter 9. Meteorological Content of Environmental Impact Assessments

Chapter 10. Federal Government Requirements for Environmental Impact Assessment