Precipitation Enhancement

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Precipitation Enhancement

A Scientific Challenge
Roscoe R. Braham, Jr
Copyright: 1986
ISBN: 9780933876651
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Title information

Pages: 171
Language: English
Publisher: American Meteorlogical Society
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This volume had its origin in a workshop held at Park City, Utah, 23-25 May 1984. The objective of the workshop was to provide an opportunity for cloud physicists to assess the status of knowledge and understanding about the physics of precipitation formation in clouds and the response of clouds to glaciogenic seeding. All paperbounds were by invitation. Half of the time was given to discussion and debate sparked by 4 major review paperbounds and 14 short reports. Restriction of the workshop to scientific aspects of glaciogenic seeding for precipitation enhancement was intentional.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Precipitation Enhancement: A Scientific Challenge

Chapter 2. Static Mode Seeding of Summer Cumuli: A Review

Chapter 3. Summer Cumulus Cloud Lifetime-Importance to Static Mode Seeding

Chapter 4. Ice Initiation in Natural Clouds

Chapter 5. Aggregates as Embryos in Seeded Clouds

Chapter 6. A Review of Dynamic-Mode Seeding of Summer Cumuli

Chapter 7. Evaluation of "Static" and "Dynamic" Seeding Concepts through Analyses of Israeli II and FACE2 Experiments

Chapter 8. Modification of Mesoscale Convective Weather Systems

Chapter 9. Review of Wintertime Orographic Cloud Seeding

Chapter 10. Hypotheses for the Climax Wintertime Orographic Cloud Seeding Experiment

Chapter 11. A Comparison of Winter Orographic Storms over the San Juan Mountains and the Sierra Nevada

Chapter 12. How Good Are Our Conceptual Models of Orographic Cloud Seeding?

Chapter 13. Seedability of Winter Orographic Clouds

Chapter 14. Testing, Implementation, and Evolution of Seeding Concepts: A Review

Chapter 15. An Engineer's View on the Implementation and Testing of Seeding Concepts

Chapter 16. Principles and Prescriptions for Improved Experimentation in Precipitation Augmentation Research


Roscoe R. Braham, Jr