How do I add my eBook to my Nook device?

Install and authorize Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID.

Authorize your NOOK

  • Connect your NOOK to your computer.
  • Start Digital Editions (Note: If you were already using Digital Editions, restart it so that it will find your NOOK device and start the Device Setup Assistant).
  • Click Authorize Device.
  • Click Finished to complete the process.

Your NOOK will now be listed/show up as one of your Bookshelves in Adobe Digital Editions—which means you’re ready to transfer books from your Adobe Digital Editions Library.

Downloading and transferring books from your Kobo Library

  • Sign into your Kobo account.
  • Go to your Kobo library, and click the Adobe DRM epub link.
  • You will be prompted to download or open an .acsm file. NOTE: If you downloaded a book and received an .acsm file, it is because the .ascm file is the license for the eBook you bought. To download the book, just open the .acsm file using Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Click Open, and the Adobe Digital Editions application will open up.
  • Adobe Digital Editions will open the file (which is a license for your book), download the rest of your book, and add it to your ADE library.
  • While you’re still in Digital Editions drag your book from your ADE library to the NOOK device listed under Bookshelves

Where to find your book on NOOK

Once the Kobo book has been transferred to your NOOK, it will appear in the My Files section of your library on your NOOK. There will be a folder called Digital Editions.  Once you tap on the Digital Editions folder, the eBook files transferred will appear on the screen, ready to open and read.