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Over the decades, AMS has championed the publication of unique textbooks and literature for the weather, water, and climate community, including enthusiasts. While AMS does not routinely accept book proposals, it has many books of lasting record--biographies, histories, guides, and textbooks--on offer through this bookstore as well as through the University of Chicago Press.

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Book's front cover featuring black and white photograph of first satellite image of Earth. A Century of Progress in Atmospheric and Related Sciences
Celebrating the American Meteorological Society Centennial
Author: Greg McFarquhar
List Price: $210.00
Radar and Atmospheric Science
A Collection of Essays in Honor of David Atlas
Author: Roger M. Wakimoto, Author: Ramesh Srivastava
List Price: $100.00
Member Price: $80.00
Student Price: $80.00
Cloud Systems, Hurricanes, and the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)
A Tribute to Dr. Joanne Simpson
Author: Dr. Wei-Kuo Tao, Author: Dr. Robert Adler
List Price: $75.00
Member Price: $55.00
Student Price: $55.00
Mesoscale Meteorology and Forecasting
Author: Peter S. Ray
List Price: $76.25
Member Price: $66.25
Student Price: $56.25