Environmental Security

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Environmental Security

Concepts, Challenges, and Case Studies
John M. Lanicci
Elisabeth Hope Murray
James D. Ramsay
Copyright: 2019
ISBN: 9781944970413
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Pages: 226
Language: English
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
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Security threats today are increasingly complex, dynamic, and asymmetric and can affect environmental factors such as energy, water, and food supply. As a result, the traditional model of nation-state-based security is insufficient to protect the United States and other democracies from the array of threats that challenge the free flow of people and commerce. A more complete picture of modern national security requires a more complete integration of the question of environmental security. 

This book draws from the various areas of burgeoning research related to environmental security to serve as an introductory text in the rapidly growing number of homeland security studies and related degree programs. The concepts, challenges, and case studies illuminate the critical role environmental security plays in overall state security, as well as in our way of life, and indeed for humanity at large. 

John M. Lanicci

John M. Lanicci is associate professor of meteorology at the University of South Alabama. 

Elisabeth Hope Murray

Elisabeth Hope Murray is assistant professor of security studies and international affairs at Embry-Riddle University. 

James D. Ramsay

James D. Ramsay is professor of security studies, and the founding program coordinator of the Homeland Security program at the University of New Hampshire.