Ice Formation and Evolution in Clouds and Precipitation

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Ice Formation and Evolution in Clouds and Precipitation

Measurement and Modeling Challenges
Darrel Baumgardner
Greg M. McFarquhar
Andrew J. Heymsfield
Copyright: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-944970-26-0
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Publisher: American Meteorological Society
Edition: First
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1. Overview of Ice Nucleating Particles

2. Cirrus Clouds

3. On the Life Cycle of Individual Contrails and Contrail Cirrus

4. Ice Fog: The Current State of Knowledge and Future Challenges

5. Mixed-Phase Clouds: Progress and Challenges

6. Ice-Phase Precipitation

7. Secondary Ice Production: Current State of the Science and Recommendations for the Future

8. Measurements of Ice Nucleating Particles and Ice Residuals

9. Cloud Ice Properties: In Situ Measurement Challenges

10. Remote Sensing

11. Processing of Ice Cloud In Situ Data Collected by Bulk Water, Scattering, and Imaging Probes: Fundamentals, Uncertainties, and Efforts toward Consistency