Mesoscale Modeling of the Atmosphere

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Mesoscale Modeling of the Atmosphere

Roger A. Pielke
Robert P. Pearce
Copyright: 1994
ISBN: 9781878220158
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Title information

Pages: 167
Language: English
Publisher: American Meteorlogical Society
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Provides an overview of several components of mesoscale modeling: boundary conditions, subgrid-scale parameterization, moisture processes, and radiation. Also included are mesoscale model comparisons using data from the U.S. Army's Project WIND (Winds in Non-uniform Domains).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Initial Conditions and Boundary Conditions

Chapter 2. Subgrid-Scale Parameterizations

Chapter 3. Modeling of Surface Effects on the Mesoscale

Chapter 4. Representing Moisture Processes in Mesoscale Numerical Models

Chapter 5. Inclusion of Radiation in Mesoscale Models

Chapter 6. Mesoscale Meteorological Model Evaluation Techniques with Emphasis on Needs of Air Quality

Chapter 7. Introduction

Chapter 8. Overview of the Project WIND Data

Chapter 9. Project WIND Numerical Simulations with FITNAH

Chapter 10. Project WIND Numerical Simulations with the Tel Aviv Model: PSUNCAR Model Run at Tel Aviv University

Chapter 11. Simulations of Project WIND Cases with RAMS

Chapter 12. HOTMAC: Model Performance Evaluation by Using Project WIND Phase I and II Data

Chapter 13. Statistical Evaluation of the Mesoscale Model Results

Chapter 14. Comments on Statistical Results