Weather Forecaster to Research Scientist

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Weather Forecaster to Research Scientist

My Career in Meteorology
Robert M. Atlas
Copyright: 2022
ISBN: 978-1-944970-77-2
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Pages: 120
Language: English
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
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As a young child, Robert M. Atlas would often look up at the sky, observe the clouds, and ask his parents questions about the weather. That early interest sparked a career in meteorology that spanned sixty years and took place during a period of rapid development in the field. This memoir follows his decades-long career and his innovative research, which led to improvements in the understanding and prediction of extreme weather.

Dr. Atlas’s journey began with his start as an apprentice forecaster for the U.S. Weather Bureau during a time when satellite meteorology and operational numerical weather prediction were just in their infancy. In this memoir, he talks about his time as an undergraduate and graduate student; shares his experiences as an operational forecaster in the U.S. Air Force dealing with aviation, hurricane, and tornado forecasting; discusses his pioneering work with satellite-derived ocean surface winds and other areas; describes his leadership of scientific organizations within NASA and NOAA as well as his experiences teaching at several universities; and shares his post-retirement activities. An engaging account of a distinguished career, Dr. Atlas’s memoir is an informative read for students, educators, weather forecasters, scientists, and weather enthusiasts alike.

Robert M. Atlas

Dr. Robert M. Atlas is the former chief meteorologist at NASA’s Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres and the past director of NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory. He is a recipient of the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement and the American Meteorological Society’s Banner I. Miller Award. In 2019, he was honored by the National Hurricane Center for Enduring Contributions to the nation’s hurricane forecast and warning program, as well as by the U.S. House of Representatives for his service to the nation.