The Thinking Person's Guide to Climate Change, 2 ed.

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The Thinking Person's Guide to Climate Change, 2 ed.

Robert Henson
Copyright: 2019
ISBN: 978-1-944970-39-0
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2nd Edition



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Title information

Pages: 576
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
Edition: Second
Average: 5 (1 vote)

This new edition of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Climate Change has been thoroughly updated to cover global record highs, new research across the spectrum, and the Paris Agreement to cut greenhouse gases. It remains a well-known and much-used reference for providing the most comprehensive, yet accessible, overview of where climate science stands today, acknowledging controversies but standing strong in its stance that the climate is changing—and we must respond.


Foreword by Paul Higgins

Part 1: The Basics
Global warming in a nutshell
1 Climate Change: A Primer
2 The Greenhouse Effect
3 Who’s Responsible?

Part 2: The Symptoms
What’s happening now, and what might happen in the future
4 Extreme Heat
5 Floods and Droughts
6 The Big Melt
7 Oceans
8 Hurricanes and Other Storms
9 Ecosystems and Agriculture

Part 3: The Science
How we know what we know about climate change
10 Keeping Track
11 The Long View
12 Circuits of Change

Part 4: Debates and Solutions
From spats and spin to protecting the planet
13 A Heated Topic
14 The Predicament
15 Political Solutions
16 Technological Solutions

Part 5: What Can You Do?
Reducing your footprint and working for action
17 Getting Started
18 Home Energy
19 Transport and Travel
20 Shopping
21 Offsetting

Robert Henson

Bob Henson is a weather and climate blogger at Weather Underground and a former science writer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. His other books include Weather on the Air: A History of Broadcast Meteorology, also published by the American Meteorological Society.

Author Comment Rating

I have been teaching a course on climate change for four years and have tried four different textbooks during this time. Henson's 2nd edition is by far the best that I have seen. I liked the original version of "The Thinking Person's Guide," but so much had happened since the first edition appeared in 2014, I had found it somewhat outdated. The 2nd edition doesn't have that problem and I am now modifying my lectures to see how I can better incorporate the figures from this version into them. I highly recommend for any person interested in knowing the issues and facts surrounding most important global topic.